Battle Of Bands

The originality of the music is felt best live. Get a taste for the raw music from all around North-East with Consensio 2020’s Battle of Bands. Irrespective of the language and genre, various artists come together to take part and create an environment to exhibit their talent and showcase the emergence of amazing talents and diverse musical acts.

Rules and regulations

  1. Songs of any language and genre is welcome in the competition.
  2. Bands are required to bring their own instruments/gears/add-ons. Only drum kit will be provided (Excluding Kick Pedals)
  3. Minimum 3 band members are required to be eligible for participation.
  4. Permission for usage of any kind of programmed/pre-recorded music must be requested from the organizers before registration.
  5. All bands must register online/offline prior to commencement of the competition. However, there will only be limited number of bands competing. The selection will be on first-come first-serve basis. Also, registration is subjected to being closed at the fulfilment of vacancies.
  6. Alcohol/drugs/smoking and such objectionable substances are strictly prohibited within the campus.
  7. Explicit or offensive lyrics/gestures/misconduct will guarantee immediate disqualification from the competition and will lead to immediate expulsion from the stage.
  8. Depending upon circumstances, some rules or decisions may be imposed by the judges during the competition and all participating bands shall have to follow the same.
  9. Decisions of the judges will be final under all circumstances.

Guidelines for Preliminary Round:

  • A band will be given a total of 15 minutes on stage (including sound check).
  • The band can perform any 1 song of their choice.
  • Exceeding the given time will lead to a penalty.

Guidelines for Finals:

  • A band will be given a total of 30 minutes on stage (including sound check).
  • The band must perform 3 songs comprising of at least 1 Original Composition (OC).
  • Exceeding the given time will lead to a penalty.

For any queries Contact

Aditya Deori Bharali – 86385 41197
Mustakim Ahmed – 95774 65421