Pockets over scores,
Googlies over sixers
Basket over balls
All in fun limited fixtures 

Rules and regulations

● In stead of the counter, the individual players would stand over the game mat

● Take it in turns to roll the dice. Move forward the number of spaces shown on the dice.
● If you land at the bottom of a ladder, you can move up to the top of the ladder.
● If you land on the head of a snake, you must slide down to the bottom of the snake.
● The first player to get to the space that says ‘home’ is the winner.

  • Players will be given for chances for one game. (They may have to pay a charge of 10-20 Rs for one game)
  • Random balloons will be marked with gifts. If they pop the right balloon, they win.
  • The game will have the regular hopscotch game rules
  • 20 minutes game
  • Per team 7or 6 members
  • Unlimited substitution
  • Indirect free-kick for any fouls
  • No over head ball allowed
  • Knockout league

1st Prize 3000
2nd Prize 1500

  • The match will be played using tennis ball.
  • One drop catch will be considered as out.
  • If the ball goes out of the boundary without any drop, it will be marked as out.
  • Each team consists of 5 members.
  • No LBW.
  • No runs behind the wicket of batting side.
  • Only straight sixers are allowed.
  • Run spots will be marked in the play area.
  • Umpires decision will be final.
  • Last wicket will be allowed to bat.

1st Prize 3000
2nd Prize 1500

  1. Games are played by individuals or in pairs depending upon the no. of registrations.
  2. The opening shot (break) is decided through lags. Each player shoots the cue ball from behind the head string to rebound off the foot rail; the ball may not touch the side rails. The player whose ball comes to rest nearest to the head rail can make the break or play after the opponent.
  3. Object balls are arranged using the rack. The cue ball is placed anywhere between the head string and the head rail at the start of play.
  4. A stroke starts when the shooter hits the cue ball with the tip of the cue and lasts until all balls stop rolling.
  5. The first player hits the cue ball from behind the head string to the cluster of object balls.
  6. The cue ball may go straight to an object ball or touch one or more rails first. A legal break requires that an object ball be pocketed (hit into a pocket) or bounce off of a rail. If the break is illegal, the opponent may play the balls as they are, or ask the shooter to repeat the break.
  7. Each player’s turn is an inning and lasts as long as a player pockets balls or until a foul (playing violation) occurs.
  8. Innings alternate between players. If no foul occurs, the next player plays balls as they lie.
  9. Shooter must call the number of the ball that he/she wants to pocket for a score. If the called ball drops, any other balls pocketed from the same shot also count. If the called ball is not pocketed, any balls dropped do not count and are spotted (replaced on the table).
  10. A ball is in hand when it has to be set on the table to resume play.
  11. Any ball that bounces back onto the table from a pocket does not count and is played from where it is. If it rolls above a rail and then returns, it is also played from where it is on the table.
  12. It is also possible that the called ball may jump (lands somewhere other than the playing surface or in a pocket).
  13. In this case, the inning is over and the ball is spotted. Ball(s) must be spotted when pocketed when:
  • The cue ball is also pocketed
  • The cue ball did not first hit the called object ball
  • The ball(s) were knocked off the playing surface.

1st Prize 3000
2nd Prize 1500


  1. Each participant gets 10 shots per session.
  2. Participant hitting the most number of times on target (counted per session) in 3 days wins the prize.
  3. Participant hitting minimum 6 on target gets on spot cash/goodies as prizes.
  4. Registration fee per participant per session is Rs.100/-
  5. Age: no bar
  6. Participant can attempt unlimited times.
  7. Prizes: Rs.3000 (1st),  Rs.2000 (2nd),  Rs.1000 (3rd)
  8. Competition dates: 7th to 9th Feb. 2020
  1. Registration fee: Rs.200/- per participant.
  2. Each participant has to compete in an open arena (no bunkers).
  3. Each participant will be given 3 ammos per session and one marker (gun), and protective gears (helmet, guards and gloves.
  4. Participant marking (hitting) the most number of bullets (ammo) on the opponent wins and will be qualified for next round of the competition. Each battle will compose of 3 rounds, i.e. best of 3 sessions.
  5. Competition is on knock-out basis.
  6. Only upper body hits (markings) including markings on the marker (gun) will be counted. 10 points for head shots and rest is 5 points.
  7. 1st prize: Rs.2000, 2nd prize:Rs1000 and 3rd prize:Rs500 (*subjected to total number of participants)
  8. Competition date: 8th February 2020
  9. Age: 15yrs and above
  10. Referee’s decision is final.
  1. Registration fee: Rs.1000/- per team of 3 persons.
  2. For the 1st qualifying round, each participant will be given free 30 bullets (ammo) each and one marker (gun), and protective gears (helmet, guards and gloves.
  3. Team eliminating (marking/hitting) all the opponent first or captures the opponent’s flag first wins and qualifies for 2nd round of the competition.
  4. 1st round will compose of 1 Knock-out battle only.
  5. In 1st round, teams are not allowed to purchase more ammos as the ammos will be provided free by organisers.
  6. From 2nd round onwards, qualified team has to procure the ammo @Rs.3 per ammo. Unlimited ammos can be procured by the competing teams.
  7. From 2nd round onwards, teams will compete on a best of 3 battles. Only one team will proceed to next rounds of the competition till the final match.
  8. Players are not allowed to shoot within 10 feet distance.
  9. Players intentionally shooting the referees will be immediately disqualified from all matches.
  10. If any player removes the helmet inside the arena when the battle starts will be immediately disqualified along with the entire team. Players are allowed to remove the helmet only after leaving the arena.
  11. Prize pool to be declared on event day depending on number of participating teams.
  12. Rules and match regulations are subject to change depending on number of participating teams and onground scenario.
  13. Age: 15yrs and above
  14. Competition date: 9th February 2020.
  15. Required No. of participating team: minimum 32 teams and max 64 teams.
  1. Registration fee: Rs.300/- per person.
  2. 30 ammo will be provided to each player to friendly battle inside the battle arena.
  3. Players play on per session basis for fun.
  4. Players are not allowed to shoot within 10 feet distance.
  5. Players intentionally shooting the referees will be immediately disqualified from all paintball sessions.
  6. Player are not allowed to remove the helmet inside the arena when the battle starts. Players are allowed to remove the helmet only after leaving the arena.
  7. In Friendly battle mode, Players play on friendly elimination basis till ammo last.
  8. Max 6 players per session

For any queries contact:

Rohan Deka – 7896114144
Sarfraz Khan – 8256928087