Pockets over scores,
Googlies over sixers
Basket over balls
All in fun limited fixtures 

Rules and regulations

  • Each team will be having maximum of five players.

  • Each innings should be of five overs.

  • Throw ball will be allowed.

  • No fast bowling is allowed.

  • Overstepping will be considered as no-ball and will be rewarded as

    1 run but no free hit will be given.

  • Bye runs will be allowed.

  • Runs will be given as 1D,2D,3D and 4D.

  • Other rules and match schedules will be provided at the time of event.

  • Registration fees: ₹100 per person

• Each team can have a maximum of 4 members of which 3 will be playing.
• Each match will be of maximum 15 minutes.
• Each match will be having 15 points and the team scoring 15
points first will be the winner.
• Shoot out will be done for the matches resulting as tie. Each
player will get a change to basket and the team scoring
maximum basket will be the winner.
• Half court rules will be followed as specified by instructor.
• Basket from behind the point line will be rewarded as 2
• Basket from anywhere inside the three-point line will be
rewarded as 1 point.
• Foul shoots will be rewarded as 1 point.
• Other rules and match schedule will be provided at the time
of event.

Registration fees: ₹100 per person

• Games are played by individuals or in pairs depending upon the no. of
• The opening shot (break) is decided through lags. Each player shoots the cue
ball from behind the head string to rebound off the foot rail; the ball may not
touch the side rails. The player whose ball comes to rest nearest to the head
rail can make the break or play after the opponent.
• Object balls are arranged using the rack. The cue ball is placed anywhere
between the head string and the head rail at the start of play.
• A stroke starts when the shooter hits the cue ball with the tip of the cue and
lasts until all balls stop rolling.
• The first player hits the cue ball from behind the head string to the cluster of
object balls. The cue ball may go straight to an object ball or touch one or
more rails first. A legal break requires that an object ball be pocketed (hit
into a pocket) or bounce off of a rail. If the break is illegal, the opponent
may play the balls as they are, or ask the shooter to repeat the break.
• Each player’s turn is an inning and lasts as long as a player pockets balls or
until a foul (playing violation) occurs. Innings alternate between players. If
no foul occurs, the next player plays balls as they lie.
• Shooter must call the number of the ball that he/she wants to pocket for a
score. If the called ball drops, any other balls pocketed from the same shot
also count. If the called ball is not pocketed, any balls dropped do not count
and are spotted (replaced on the table).
• A ball is in hand when it has to be set on the table to resume play.
• Any ball that bounces back onto the table from a pocket does not count and
is played from where it is. If it rolls above a rail and then returns, it is also
played from where it is on the table.
• It is also possible that the called ball may jump (lands somewhere other than
the playing surface or in a pocket). In this case, the inning is over and the
ball is spotted. Ball(s) must be spotted when pocketed when:
  • The cue ball is also pocketed
  • The cue ball did not first hit the called object ball
  • The ball(s) were knocked off the playing surface.

Registration fees: ₹100 per person

For registration details contact:​

Sadeek Ali – 9085453422

Ujjwal Soni – 7002387587

Prizes worth ₹10,500 to be won