(Graphic Designing Competition)

Is visual representation an area of creative art you thrive on? Participate in Palette, the graphic designing competition, to create winning visual compositions and take away the stunning prizes!

Rules and regulations

  1. Last date of enrolment: 5th February, 2020
  2. Participants must bring their own laptops.
  3. This is an individual competition and each participant will be allowed one entry.
  4. Time allotted is 2 hours.
  5. Software to be used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CoralDraw, Sketchbook Pro, Adobe InDesign.
  6. Participants will submit the final design in .jpg and .psd file in one folder, to be named as Last Name, First Name.
  7. Must be Original work of the participant.
  8. Use of copyrighted or protected characters or logos is prohibited.
  9. Design to be submitted for A3 sized print and in 300dpi.
  10. Internet facilities will be provided to the participants.
  11. The entries will be judged on: Font style and graphics, flow of design, color, educational components, and clear delivery of message.
  12. Graphic designs will be evaluated by eminent judges.
  13. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.