The Cooking Boss

We’re all foodies food gets us mad,
Be our chef we’ll be glad.
Fry, grill or bake it,
Cook, serve and make it.
Craving your creations we’ll go Gosh !!
Be the MasterChef own the Nosh.

Rules and regulations

1. Participants are allowed to cook PURELY VEG items.
2. Participants shall not be allowed to join the competition after the schedule starting
3. All the participants must get their own apron and protective clothing ( chef’s cap )for
4. All the participants shall keep their workplace tidy and clean throughout the
5. Competitor have to cook their dish according to the recipes submitted to the judges.
6. When the specified time is over, all participants shall go out of the kitchen, leaving
behind clean and tidy station and their garnished dishes displayed on the table.
7. All ingredients should be brought by competitor in unprepared state, not trimmed,
cut or sliced.
8. All the participants must bring the requisite needed small equipment’s (such as
cutting boards, knives, bowls and plates) and kitchen utensils that can only be use in
microwave. Also, any other material needed for cooking.
9. The use of mobile devices during the competition is prohibited for all participants.
10. Smoking, eating, chewing gums are prohibited during the competition.
11. Indecency in any form will not be accepted and will lead to direct elimination.
12. Decision of the judges will be final and binding on competition results.
13. Decision of the organizing team is final and binding in running of the smooth
continuity of the show.

Details of the event

1. The prelims will be on 22nd February 2019 at Royal Global University.
2. The prelims and the finals both will start by 9 am.
3. The final round will be on 23rd February 2019 at Royal Global University.
4. Participants will get 45 minutes for preparing their dishes.
5. Minimum age is 18 for the participants.
6. Participates will be judged on the following criteria-

  • Timing
  • Presentation
  • Taste / texture
  • Hygiene
  • Innovative recipe

5. Registration will be purely done online, and the deadline for the registration is 17 th
February 2019.

6. Competitor have to prepare submit a written recipe in English, which include the
ingredient and method of a preparation of dishes.
7. Recipe should be submitted to the judges on the day of the competition.
8. For the first round (preliminary round) the participate needs to prepare a mocktail
along with microwave backed starter.
9. And for the final round the participants needs to prepare microwave desserts.

Registration fees: 200 per person

For registration details contact:

  1. Muskaan Agarwal – 8486246484
  2. Priyanshi Jain – 9101496823

Prizes worth ₹18,000 to be won