Management is getting things done; leadership is getting them done right.

Urjaa is a plethora of managerial events which tests the skills and aptitude of the participants and provide them with an experience of the corporate world. It is a platform for the youth to showcase their metier and craft with as much innovation as they can bring on the platter.

We believe that “spirit of participation matters more than winning”

Rules and regulations

      D’Maestro is an event which will put you in the shoes of the greatest of the great. Here’s a sneak peek into what it takes to lead your company and survive and sustain in competition and crisis. The trials and tribulations of a manager can define not only his legacy but also that of the company. This comprehensive competition will put to test your knowledge, skill and attitude.


  1. Students pursuing any undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree or university course.
  2. Only individual registrations will be entertained.
  3. Multiple registrations from the same institute are allowed.

Round 1: Aptitude round

  • A written aptitude test will be conducted.
  • Participants will be given 1hour to fill in all answers to the questions.

Round 2: Unbox Round 
Round 3: Will be revealed on the day of the event 
Round 4: Interview Round  

Details pertaining to the subsequent rounds will be disclosed to the participants qualifying the round 1.

Guideline and Rules:
1.Participants can register online (on the official website) and offline. However, online registrations are highly recommended and will be appreciated. Offline registrations will be open till an hour before the scheduled time of the event.
2.The decision of the judges will be final and binding.
3.Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
4.The participants must bring their College/University ID.
5.Only individual participation will be entertained

       A plot of land is up for sale in the newly formed country of Eklavyaville. Interested buyers are called for the same. Earn your Currency to become your own master. Higher the number of currency, the larger the plot you earn. To earn currency, each participant has to pass some interesting hurdles.

  1. A smart phone with high speed internet connectivity.
  2. Volunteers and coordinators of Urjaa are not eligible for this event.
  3. A Quiz will be conducted relating to the stock market.
  4. Event registration from 9:00 am – 10:00 am
  5. Quiz shall happen from 10.00 am to 10.30 am
  6. Trading starts from 10.30 a.m to 3:30 pm
  7. Participants need to download an app will be announced on the day of the event.
  8. You will be provided dummy cash.
  9. Participants need to maintain their list of transactions.
  10. Winner will be decided on the basis of the profit earned (including unrealized gain) by the participants and also on the basis of fundamental and technical analysis which they have done during buying and selling of stocks.

* Depending on the no. of participants a pre orientation session can be organized

General Rules for Registrations

  • The participants are advised to strictly adhere to the guidelines, failing which entries can be disqualified at any stage of the application process.
  • There will be three rounds, and according to the net worth the participants will be selected for the final round.
  • The decision of the authority is final and incontestable.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited unless directed by the event organizers.
  • The participants must bring their College/University ID

For any queries contact:

Deepankar Barman – +91 91270 75133

Abhinandan Poddar – 8724913350
Raghav Agarwal – 9678956195